Catering Policies and Questions

For all Così Catering orders, please note the following:

· We can accommodate special requests. Please inquire.

· Così catering services are best for parties of 5 or more.

· Same day orders are welcome but may require flexibility on delivery time.

· Cancellation requires 24 hours’ notice or cancellation fee of 50% of order value will apply.

· Orders over $500 require 48 hours’ notice of cancellation prior to delivery date or cancellation fee of 50% of order value may apply.

· Delivery fees vary. Delivery fees are administrative charges retained by the employer and are not paid to or shared with employees.

· Prices and offerings are subject to change.

· Event specialists are available to assist with large groups. Please call 866-580-2674.

· Changes to an order can be accepted 24-48 hours prior to the delivery time contingent on the size of the order and agreement upon confirmation.