About Us

Before there was Così, there was Drew Harré. At 17 he left West Auckland, New Zealand in search of the perfect sandwich. He was inspired by a friend who said to him one day “All I ever hear from you is that you can’t find a decent flatbread in Paris. So what are you going to do about it?” And so, the quest for the perfect flatbread began.

An amazing bread recipe was the first step. He had been told that behind the Piazza Nervona there was an old bakery where two brothers, Giuseppi and Silvano, were baking their family's flatbread, just as their father and his father before him had done. Drew became their apprentice, and before long, he became a veritable bread baking virtuoso. It was time to bring the flatbread to the French.

And today we bring that same experience and delicious food right to your door.