Group Orders

Cosi Group Orders can help you instantly share your cart with your team members, family or friends so each person can pick their own Cosi meal option while adding it to one cart.  You can select a budget per person & deadline for your group members to order.

To create a Group Order, click on the left hand bottom corner logo, as seen in the image below to set up your Group. 

After you begin the Group Order process, you can send private email invitations to the people you would like to build the order. Your group members will be directed to the shared Cosi cart and private chat room.

If placing a same day group order, a 3 hour minimum lead time is needed in order to fulfill your order.  Please keep this in mind when scheduling your deadline for submissions and checking out.

Once Your Receive An Invite to Join Group Cart at Così Catering and Group Orders 

Step 1: Open your Cartonomy Email Invite 

Step 2: Click “Add to Group Cart” to direct you to 

Step 3: Create a Cartonomy account using the email that your invite was sent to 

Step 4: A “Welcome to Group Cart” chat function will appear on the left-hand side of your screen with details on the deadline as well as the budget of your individual order 

Step 5: Click “Enter the Order” in the chat function then “Order Now” on main page to browse the menu  

Step 6: Choose from one of delicious menu offerings and customize your meal to your liking  

Step 7: Click “Add to Group Cart” 

*** If you wish to make changes to your order within the given deadline, simply click the “X” at the left-hand corner of your order in the chat function and repeat steps 5-7 again*** 

It’s that easy. If you have any questions about Group Orders, please click the live chat button or email us at